About the Institute

Establishment and goals

DOBRO – Institute for Logotherapy, Education and Counseling was founded in 2018 with the following objectives:

  • basic and continuous training in ​​logotherapy,
  • continuous development of logotherapists in cooperation with experts from other fields,
  • conduct of preventative activities for the purpose of early identification of problems,
  • individual counseling,
  • supervision,
  • interdisciplinary cooperation with domestic and foreign similar institutions,
  • organization of seminars and lectures in the field of logotherapy and related areas.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To enable sincerely interested individuals to deepen their own knowledge and encourage and guide them on their path to achieving a logotherapy mission as to be able to embrace a logotherapeutic spirit of the DOBRO Institute, built on the authentic teaching and memory of Viktor Frankl’s life and work, and consistently, with dignity, courageously and committedly transfer and apply it for the benefit of others and for their own good.

Our Vision

Dissemination of knowledge about the necessity of reaching a good conscience. With a good conscience, there is a recognition of freedom in the truth of good, in the truth of man and existence.

The cognition of the freedom is a responsibility, respectively, the answer to what a human being actually is, which is the very essence of logotherapy.