Recommended literature

Man’s Search for Meaning. An Introduction to Logotherapy.
by Viktor E. Frankl
(A revised edition of From Death-Camp to Existentialism).
With a new Foreword by Harold S. Kushner and a new Biographical Afterword by William J. Winslade.
Beacon Press, Boston, 1959-2007 Hardbound,
ISBN 0-8070-1426-5.

Yes to Life in Spite of Everything.
by Viktor E. Frankl
Rider Books, London, 2020.
ISBN 978-1-84604-636-0.

The Doctor and the Soul. From Psychotherapy to Logotherapy.
by Viktor E. Frankl
Vintage Books, New York, 2019 (978-0-525-56704-2), and
Souvenir Press, London, 2004 (ISBN 0-285-63701-0).

The Will to Meaning: Foundations and Applications of Logotherapy.
by Viktor E. Frankl
Penguin/Plume, N.Y. 2014.
ISBN 978-0-14-218126-3.

Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning.
by Viktor E. Frankl
(A revised and extended edition of The Unconscious God.)
British Edition; Rider, London 2011.
ISBN 978-184-604-3062.

On the Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders. An Introduction to Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.
by Viktor E. Frankl
Translated by James M. DuBois.
Brunner-Routledge, London-New York 2004.
ISBN 0415950295.
Viktor Frankl – Recollections. An Autobiography.
by Viktor E. Frankl
Perseus Book Group, New York, 2000.
ISBN 0-738-20355-6.

Logotherapy. Principles and Methods.
By Elisabeth Lukas
Elisabeth-Lukas-Archiv gGmbH
1. Edition: September 2020
paperback: 296 pages
ISBN: 978-3-00-066678-0
e-Book-ISBN: 978-3-00-066679-7

Meaning-centred psychotherapy. Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy in Theory and Practice.
By Elisabeth Lukas – Heidi Schönfeld
Elisabeth-Lukas-Archiv gGmbH
1. Edition: August 2019
paperback: 216 pages
ISBN: 9783000636004
e-Book-ISBN: 9783000642746

Meaningful Living. Introduction to Logotherapy, Theory and Practice.
By Elisabeth Lukas
Published by Purpose Research, Box 5032, Charlottesville, Virginia 22905 USA
3. Edition 2019

Logotherapy Textbook. Meaning-centered Psychotherapy.
By Elisabeth Lukas
Liberty Press, Toronto / Kanada, 2000

The Spiritual Capabilities of Viktor Frankl’s Logotheory: Guidelines for Successful Application.
By Timo Purjo
Books on Demand
ISBN: 9789528035336

Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl’s Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work.
by Alex Pattakos Ph.D, Elaine Dundon, Stephen R. Covey (Foreword by)
ISBN-13: 9781626568808
Berrett-koehler publishers

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