Training Program in Logotherapy – Distance Learning

Being aware of the difficulties the present time has placed upon us, guiding and pointing us to turn towards each other, with words of encouragement and desire for all to find the will, reason and above all so much needed love in every day, we inform you that the lecturers and associates at DOBRO Institute have enabled a continuous reception of applications for the Distance Learning Training Program in Logotherapy.

The beginning of the training is individual and in agreement with lecturers and a personally assigned mentor.

The content of the Distance Learning Training Program in Logotherapy follows the annual classroom learning training program at DOBRO Institute (last updated on July 24th 2021).

Detailed information about the organization of teaching and learning, assessment procedures and the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees of the Distance Learning Program are available upon request.

After completing the three-year program, Participants receive Counselling Diploma in Logotherapy which enables them for the application of logotherapy within previously acquired titles or occupations.

After successful completion of the four-year program, Participants obtain Diploma in Logotherapy which entitles them to work as professional logotherapists.

Diplomas are issued by DOBRO Institute. DOBRO Institute as well as the Training Program are accredited by the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna.

Depending on the previous education, it is possible to obtain the title of psychotherapist or counselling therapist in accordance with the valid Croatian Psychotherapy Act (NN 64/18).

The Certificates and Diplomas are issued by DOBRO Institute. DOBRO Institute as well as the Training Program are accredited by the Viktor Frankl Institute in Vienna.

Application procedure

To apply and reserve place in the Training Program in Logotherapy at DOBRO Institute, it is necessary to submit a motivation letter, CV, copy of a university diploma, exact current residential address if it differs from the one stated in the CV and personal identification number.